The goal is to not consider the Law of Attraction as the only method to win the lottery, but instead take it as a complement to the other strategies you should practice when playing the lottery. Here are some points for you to know how to do it.

1. You must dream what you deserve. First you must think about what you really want (in this case the jackpot) and visualize how it will change your life. It is very important that you convince yourself that this goal is much greater than any fear or doubt you may have. This will ensure that you will carry out all that is necessary to achieve your goal, regardless of the time and effort you have to invest to reach it.

2. Choose your number. First of all, the lottery is about numbers, probabilities, statistics and figures. Among the 45 million possible combinations that a drawing is capable of generating, is the number that can change your life forever. The key is to be able to find it. Develop and improve every day your method to choose it: investigate the winning numbers, see the figures that have been drawn the most, etc.

3. Create a ritual. After you choose your winning number, develop a ritual around the purchase of your ticket. It is proven that the people who have won the lottery the most are those who stayed true to a number and performed a specific ritual. By contrast, statistics show that people who change numbers in each drawing, are the least successful winning numbers.For example, to create your ritual you can buy your ticket in the same agency or distributor, at the same time of day and why not, also doing some small ceremony like a walk, a coffee, pronounce a certain phrase, etc. This serves to send a concrete message to the universe and to realize that you are working hard to achieve your goal.


4. Maintain a direct connection with the sweepstakes. So that the attraction does not break, you must keep connected with the draws at the moment they develop. Watch them on TV, listen to them on the radio and, even better, if you have the possibility, watch them live. Do not allow incidents of the draw to occur without you noticing; You must be there in some way so that your chances of winning the lottery remain valid.

5. If You do not win, you must insist. The aim of the Law of Attraction is to develop a propitious environment and create the paths or paths for our positive thoughts charged with energy to pass and thus can communicate your desire to the Universe. But it is highly likely that you will not achieve your goal in the first attempts. Does this mean that the Law of Attraction is not good? Of course not! The Law of Attraction is tremendously effective when it develops correctly, and this means, when it is based on work and constancy.

The Law of Attraction does not work if you do not devote work and effort. Also, this law works in conjunction with other laws, for example the Law of Gestation, which indicates that any objective fulfilled requires a time of gestation that is impossible to ignore. Without a doubt, the Law of Attraction is an infallible method that you can use in your favor to increase your chances and know how to win in the lottery.