To begin, Euromillions is a European lottery, carried out by the organisations in charge of lottery and gambling in each of the participating countries. The draw is made every Tuesday and Friday afternoon, and it takes place in Paris, France. Many people play Euromillions every week, hoping that luck is on their side. But, do you know everything about Euromillions? When was the first draw? How long has the Euromillions lottery been in existence? Today you will find out. It is important to learn a little more about the origins of this draw. Especially for those who are still learning how to play Euromillions.

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Euromillions lottery beginnings

This concept was born on February 13, 2004. That was the year in which the first draw was held. Spain, United Kingdom, and France were the first countries who participated in the draw. Although, due to the success it showed, they were encouraged to keep the lotto raffles going for another year. To play Euromillions, you need to pay 2.50 pounds per ticket. But the most lucrative part is winning jackpots much higher than the individual national lotteries can offer. That is why the game soon became one of the fastest growing lottos in the European continent.

Other reasons for which it began to attract players, is that the pots have a special feature. The Euromillions jackpot accumulates until one of the participants wins. As a result, the value of the pot increases until someone manages to win it all. So it is not too far-fetched to understand why the Euromillions lottery quickly became the best lottery to play in Europe

Onwards onto victory

Even though in the beginning only France, UK and Spain were the participating countries, it took less than two years for other nations to join. To date, the number of participating countries is nine. Euromillions counts with the participation of Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria, and Portugal. And while the first three founding states are the ones with the highest participation rate, luck prefers to drop in other places. For example, Portugal and Spain are the places where more players have been able to call themselves Euromillions winners.

Euromillions is an ideal raffle to you

 The minimum pot in each draw can be  €15 million, but it can increase to €40 millions or more in a matter of weeks.

Euromillions Lottery will probably expand in other European countries in some years, it has points in its favour, and we love it. This draw and its characteristics encourage you to participate! We enjoy sharing with you these interesting facts about this lottery, what are you waiting for? Start to play, and that luck is always on your side.

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