Let’s face it: We all dream of winning the lottery. We all dream of that day when we will see our lottery tickets online and see that we have hit the winning numbers. Now, not all of us know the tricks that could increase our chances of winning the lottery. Let’s see some of them!

If you are a lottery player who has won a prize in the past, even if it is small, CONGRATULATIONS! You are much luckier than most lottery players! If you are one of those who are part of the vast majority who has never won, do not worry! Here we are to help you increase your Luck and have better chances to take home one of the prizes of lotteries in the world!

Tip # 1 Play more than one entry at a time!

They are basic math! Let’s say you have 7 sweets in a bag, 4 of the 7 are red, and the other 3 are blue. The chances of you pulling one of the reds are much bigger than one of the blue ones. The same principle can be applied when playing the lottery, if you play more than one ticket with more numbers; chances that you hit more numbers are higher! You have to play to win, right?

Tip # 2 Create your own lottery syndicate

Join a group of people in your office, college, gym or other place you go to often and buy your lottery tickets online together! Keep in mind that if you win the jackpot, your share of the jackpot will be lower, but if you create this group, you actually increase your chances of winning the lottery.

What do you prefer? Not winning at all? Or sharing what you have won? Your chances increase because you can buy more tickets, for a fraction of the cost.

A mistake many people make is to think that if you play a lottery that not many people play, you have more chances to win. That is incorrect, unless you are entering a raffle where the winning tickets are part of a total of tickets.

The chances that your numbers purchased for a lottery are drawn have nothing to do with how many people have the tickets. Think of it this way: If only one person will play the lottery, does that mean that person is winning the lottery? absolutely not!

On the other hand, the fewer players there are the chances of having multiple winners are lower. That’s all the information that online lottery players need to know. The fewer players participate in your union, the greater the winnings each receives.

As an interesting fact that not everyone knows, 20% of the lottery jackpot winners have been unions. 1 out of 5 occasions, a group of colleagues have put together their money to maximize their chances of becoming millionaires.

Tip # 3 Choose the Quick Play option, instead of choosing your own numbers

The statistics do not lie. Most of the victories won by the lottery have been the result of system selections. The computer randomly chooses the numbers, so you are more likely to win one of the consolation prizes if you do not take the jackpot.

The Quick Play option is not bad at all, but the only problem is that humans are usually programmed in the same way, so our favorite numbers will become someone else’s. So if you win the jackpot, the chances that you will have to share it are quite high.

These are simple guides and tips to help you increase your chance of winning the lottery and hit the winning numbers of a draw. We hope these tips will help, use them the next time you decide to play the lottery online!