Lottery players are a different breed of people. They managed to do something that most of us can only dream about, correctly choosing the right numbers in a game that requires as much luck as knowledge about how the lottery works. That said, not all lottery winners are the same. Some waste all their newfound wealth in a matter of months, while others manage to extend it for generations to come. From the second group or lotto winners, there is a selected few who have stood out for their savvy behaviour and business acumen paper writer

Richard Lustig

The most famous lottery player of all times, Richard Lustig rose to fame after winning the lottery seven times. He has won millions of dollars, but he is not on his list because of his ability to win the lottery. He is here because he used his winnings to increase his fame and become richer. Mr Lustig has sold multiple books and increase net worth far more than all his lottery winnings combined.

Jason Fry

The former multi-purpose guy gained some attention for the jet-setter lifestyle he pursued after winning the lottery. However, the former bartender, construction worker, well digger, and sales representative did not spend all his money in exotic cars and crazy trips. Jason Fry also funded a battery making company that has become well-known in the South Florida area. The success that Jason Fry has enjoyed earned him the moniker of the Prince of Batteries.

Roy Gibney

Sometimes boredom can cause someone to change his behaviour. That is what happened to Roy Gibney. The British man won £7,500,000 back in 90’s. The man enjoyed the freedom of no work for almost a decade and then got bored. Some people decide to complain once they get bored, but not Roy. The man started a real estate company and a sheet metal business. Nowadays, Roy has increased his wealth far beyond the seven million pounds he earned and is a key player in the metal business.

James Harvey

Sometimes being smart means you can crack the code faster than anyone else. That is what M.I.T. professor James Harvey did with the help of a couple of students. The university professor and his students focused a couple of local lotteries and managed to win $600,000 more than ten times over a four years period. But they did not stop there. The team grabbed their earnings and used the scientific method to invest the money. By the time the four years ended, the team made nearly $25 million essay writer

So whenever you win the lottery, think about how to increment your wealth instead of spending it. And maybe, you will be on this list in the near future.