Winning Euromillions feels like an art more than a science. But for Annie Wiesbiek it came down to understanding her instincts. "Every time I go buy my ticket, I hear a little voice in the back of my head that tells numbers. I always think that I am crazy and avoid listening to them. But after I kept hearing the voice for several weeks, I decided to give it a try, and now I am the winner." Mrs Wiesbiek told Het Journaal, a Flemish newspaper. The winning ticket was worth a total of 168,085,323 euros. She was the only winner, and her life has now changed forever.

It is not the first time that people have reported listening to the winning numbers or seeing in them in their sleep. There are many ways in which a winning vision occurs. What is the most important part is to remember what you saw or heard when the winning combination came to you. In the case of Annie Wiesbiek, she seems to have had the good fortune to have had multiple chances to select the winning numbers, before finally trying it. "The only thing I regret was not playing the numbers sooner. I would have won more." Annie told Het Journaal. And when asked if she keeps having that magic touch, the single mother said: "I do not know. I have not had the time to buy another ticket. It is not every day that you win 160 million euros."

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Carl Jung is a well-known psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. Dr Jung was fascinated with numbers and chaos. He believed that chance is nothing more than synchronicity. All people see patterns in the chaos, but not everyone tends to acknowledge this simple realisation. In the case of Ms Wiesbiek, Dr Jung would have said that she saw the pattern in the numbers and that pattern was what she kept hearing.

There are several ways to see this pattern, but the best way is to keep your mind blank when buying a lotto ticket. Jo Mason, a professor of psychiatry, explained that keeping your mind blank when deciding the lotto numbers helps the brain to connect a pattern, which in turn becomes the "gut feeling" you get when choosing between 12 or 52.

It takes a bit of practice to silence all those thoughts to so your brain can focus. But as Annie Wiesbiek shows, if you managed to do it, next time you can also be 160 million euros richer.