Spain is one of the most successful countries when it comes to big lotto winners. However, the general misconception is that winners live in hamlets or small parish that allow a lesser number of people to play. That idea does not seem to align with the truth. The first prize of the Loteria Nacional went to a winner in Madrid, Spain’s capital. The lucky numbers were 35-218. The lottery agency reported that the number was sold in Madrid. The other significant prize awarded so far in July 2017, as declared by the Delegation of State Lotteries and Gambling, went to Premia de Mar in Barcelona.

These two winners will take home around one million euros after taxes. But that is not all the big city winners reported this week. A person living in Zarzaquemada and Leganes in Madrid won 250,000 euros. Furthermore, in Valencia, another 250,000 euros were handed out. The winning numbers in Valencia were 8, 9, and 2, as explained by the Loteria Nacional.

All these rewards pale in comparison to the country’s top prize this week. Bonoloto celebrated on Wednesday, July 2017, a raffle with a pot of 4,552,529,61 euros. The winning numbers came from Las Lagunas in Malaga. According to the Lotteries and State Betting the administration responsible for printing the winning ticket is at 2 Calle Almachar. It may seem hard to believe, but that appears to be the trend lately. The head of the Loteria Nacional explained the Europe Press, “Big cities generate big winners. The percentage of metropolis winning is greater than a small town because more people play in the city.”

It is this type of statement that people should listen to when considering to buy a lotto ticket. The place of habitat does affect the percentage of winning. But, unlike common belief, in the opposite direction than previously thought. Large population areas increase the chances of having a winner number than smaller areas because more people are trying to obtain the winning number. That means that people located in urban centres should not be discouraged when it comes to playing the local lottery. Furthermore, the prizes handed out in metropolis tend to be larger than in small towns.

“I think so. We have seen an increase in pot sizes as more people move to the city.” Said the head of  Lotteries and State Betting when asked about lottery winners by Diario 16. For now, it is safe to say that several lucky winners will be able to enjoy their blessings with all the luxury that only big cities can provide.