Haven’t you dreamed about winning the lottery? The highest amount for a Euromillions raffle could be, as high as £190 million. And the best part is that the earnings are tax-free (excluding Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal). Moreover, any Euromillions lottery winners will get their money in one payment. Think about how many things could you do with those earnings!? A UK ticket holder has won the latest Euromillions raffle and will be getting £15.7 million. And yes, it is the fifth time that the Euromillions biggest prize has been won in the United Kingdom this year, which means that is an excellent opportunity to buy a ticket in the UK. The winning numbers were: 1, 5, 7, 15, and 47. The lucky stars were: 9 and 12.

Euromillions Lottery Jackpots

Andy Carter, major winners’ consultant at The National Lottery, said to the BBC 2 radio, “That prize is a bank vacation weekend for one lucky National Lottery player. The raffle also saw two UK winners of a secure £1 million, so we need everyone to check their tickets to know if they’ve joined the National Lottery millionaires club.” Earlier this month an earner came forward to claim his £51.7 million jackpot, turning the person into a wealthy individual.

In June, another player saw their bank balance grow by a cool £87 million overnight, while four months before two ticket holders divided a £39.9 million pot, each banking £19.9 million. The following week another United Kingdom winner got a £14 million jackpot. Tuesday’s was worth £15 million and, as you already know, also went to the UK.

Have you ever thought about the things you would do if you hit the jackpot? Would you spend what you earn or invest it? Give some away or keep it all for yourself? There’s too much to think about isn’t there? Whether it is $1 million or $100 million, winning the lottery changes your life, a lot.  The first Super Draw of this year is going to be on Friday 30th September. Super Draws are particular drawings when the pot is set to a guaranteed quantity. This amount has historically been established at €100 million.

For one lucking winner in the UK, missing this historic raffle will not affect their current winnings. Sadly, it is unclear what the person will do moving forward. The winner has decided to remain in anonymity for security and privacy reasons. Additionally, the winner chose not to give any declarations to the media. So all that can be done is to wish them the best of fortune with their 15 million pounds.

Winning the lottery always changes your life. You could be the next winner, you could be the one that will drink champagne in your limousine feeling fabulous, or maybe you rather buy a new house or a new car. You can make your dreams come true. Everyone is aware that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it goes a long way into making your life far more enjoyable. You could be the next winner. Don’t you give up, and buy your winning Euromillions lottery ticket!