What would you do after earning 1 million sterling pounds, a little more than 1.8 million dollars? Would you quit your job immediately? Well, Jacqui Shannon continued to work for 5 months, before giving up and going out to enjoy her life. That’s one of the advantages of winning the lottery.

Months after becoming a millionaire winner of the lottery, it was time to take the last bus to go home and tell how the prize would change her life. Jacqui Shannon was the manager of an NGO when she won the lottery in November 2016. She says “is time to take advantage of the freedom that this prize brings.”

Married and with a son, she said she realized that by winning the lottery, all she earns is not money. She explained, “The prize gave me the option to choose in many ways. I can choose to do something else instead of having to work. I could continue working, it is a valuable and meaningful job, but I am choosing to follow a different path and make different decisions. In addition, with my departure, it creates an opportunity for another person to work there”

The plans of the winner of the lottery

Jacqui has many plans for her new freedom. She wants to do the things she had never been able to begin due to lack of time. She has already started culinary courses and may begin learning a new language or take art classes.

Since winning the lottery she has had the opportunity of buying new cars for herself and her husband, renovating the kitchen and bathroom and went to visit her sister in Dubai in first class. However, what makes her happy is the time she can now devote to her family.

“This means that I can spend more time with our son. I’m not sure that you understand that now that I don’t work, we can spend more time together. The simple things like buying a bike or traveling together are now things we can do.”

Finding who won the online lottery

Waiting five months may seem like a lot to quit a job, but for her who waited three weeks to realize she was a millionaire that’s nothing. Jacqui played the lottery online and without reviewing the results of the lottery or opening her email, it was impossible for her to find out that she had hit the winning numbers of the lottery.

She said that she had just arrived from work and had not had time to see the results of the draw. While talking to a colleague, she opened her online lottery account but did not pay much attention to what was happening on the screen.

When she saw the first message she thought she had won a free bet until she read the message again and realized she had won a million pounds. It was then that she asked her colleague to wait a moment and ran to call the lottery organizers.

The funds of the new millionaire

Jacqui is going to stop working and she wants to travel around her country with her family. Such experiences create memories that are now a priority for her. She concluded by saying that she does not believe that on Friday she will take public transportation to get home and instead she will go drink a Manhattan, in Manhattan! It is an experience she will remember forever and for that she wants to have more free time.