Finally, the Powerball award was won! In the draw on Saturday, June 10, a single winner took the incredible $ 447.8 million prize!


The ticket for the winning Powerball numbers was sold at Marietta Liquor and Deli Store in Sun City, Southern California. The winning numbers of the draw were: 20-26-32-38-58 and Powerball 03. Suddenly, the great fortune was due to divine inspiration, as happened to the winner of the $ 429 million Pearlie Mae Smith, from New Jersey.

The draw for the American Powerball lottery was quite successful for many players, said the same spokesperson, as there were another 2,750,331 winners of the consolation awards, which took a total of just over 21.1 million dollars. 3 other players matched the top 5 numbers to give their players a sum of 1 million dollars. Two were sold in California and the other in Ohio.

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It's interesting that these two winning tickets have been sold in California, will the winner of the jackpot be one of them and have more than one winning line on their ticket? That has happened before, Don Wilson of Virginia, won 3 times, the million dollar prize, in the same drawing of the Mega Millions.

The $ 447.8 million Powerball prize is the tenth largest award ever given by the American lotteries and the seventh of this spectacular lottery. It was still far from the prize that the Powerball gave last year for a sum of 1,500 million dollars. The prizes have been growing fabulously since changes were made to Powerball in October 2015.

So far, no one has come close to claiming the lottery prize. The lucky winner of the Powerball has a great decision to take in their hands. Will it be chosen to pay the annual fees for 29 years or the cash prize for 279 million dollars? This amount will be subject to federal and state taxes, which could add up to 90 million dollars. The store that sold the winning numbers will take a $ 1 million commission too!

The Powerball prizes every week deliver millions, even with the amount on the consolation prizes anyone could do wonders! Whether buying a home and car for you and your family or traveling around the world without worry. When you hit the winning numbers of Powerball, you will not have an equal life! Buy your tickets now and don’t stop playing the lottery because you could be the next winner.