ere is a series of tips to create a winning combination:.


1. Do not consider the "magic of numbers": It is not convenient to use only numbers that have a special meaning for you because if you do, you will be limiting the spectrum of numbers to choose.

2. Discard "winning numbers": Many people play certain numbers or combinations because these numbers have been winners at other times, but chance does not work like this: the odds of an exact number or combination winning twice are almost nil and is a lot better not take risks in that regard.

3. Look at statistics: Dedicate yourself to seeing which numbers are the most winning. This means that you identify which numbers tend to get drawn more often. There is general agreement that the combinations completed in 5 have higher odds, as they have been more frequently winning. The number 5 also has a presence among the last three lucky numbers of the winning numbers: 518, 295 and 457.

4. Play only one number or combination: When you choose the number or combination you are going to play with, note that you must use it for at least one year. If you play a different number or combination in each draw, you will only reduce your chances in each of them.

The sweepstakes system was designed so that:

A) each number has the same probability of being drawn
B) no winning combinations or numbers are repeated

This means that each number or combination that wins in a draw is virtually ruled out for the next and then choosing a number or combination other than the one you already have is to add another possibility.

Put these tips into practice and play your first ticket for free:

How to win the lottery using other methods

There are other ways to increase the possibilities. Another method to win the lottery is to study and take into account common patterns in games. By studying the above results it may be possible to detect a winning trend and apply it.

When it is detected that a combination of numbers are repeated within a game, it means that a system failure has been found. It would then be possible to predict the behavior or pattern of the game and use it profitably. Thanks to the repetition of a number it is possible to detect some variants that can play in our favor. Then it is important to study for example:

1. What numbers are repeated and how often do they do
2. In what sequence these numbers are repeated: odd-odd, prime-odd, odd-prime.
3. If these figures are repeated stepwise: for example, advancing a position, as in the 01 in this series 01-44-45, 23-01-34, 33-41-01

If you study and discover what numbers are repeated, what their frequency and sequences, then you can choose to form your combinations and thus greatly increase your chances of winning the lottery.

It is not a minor fact to take into account, that if you detect, for example, a series of repetitions, they can end abruptly, since just as you detected the failure in the system (be it for humane errors, handling of the balls, errors of the computational systems, etc.), those in charge of the drawings can also notice that failure and solve it. That is why it is important to study well and unhurriedly the results of the lottery drawings, to know if these repetitions remain in force.