It might not be a secret to you that winning the lottery online is not an impossible task. All you need to know is what the best online lotteries to play are, which ones have the best prizes and which ones give you better opportunities to win. Keep reading to discover how online lotteries will help you win a good prize.

If you are planning to start playing the lottery online every week, you might be wondering which one is the lottery you have to choose to do so. Each player has a different game option, but they all have something in common, they want to make the right decision. The goal is to hit the winning numbers and go home with the jackpot.

What are the lotteries with the biggest prizes?

The biggest prize ever given was awarded by the Powerball lottery. On January 13, 2016 three couples changed their lives forever when they hit the 6 winning numbers and got the prize of 580 million dollars each!

The second biggest jackpot was given by the Mega Millions lottery on March 30th, 2012 with a huge prize of 656 million dollars, making it a world record. This prize was divided by three winners.

The popular Euromillions lottery has a limit of 190 million Euros which has been awarded in two occasions and the Australian lottery Oz Lotto has given a 111.9 million dollar prize split between 4 winners.

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What are the chances to win each lottery?

When you play, you intend to win the jackpot, but some online lotteries also offer great secondary prizes. Powerball and Mega Millions reward their second place winners with a prize of one million dollars. The Eurojackpot is also quite generous and delivers second place prizes of over a million dollars very often.

Let’s look at the odds of winning prizes in the main online lotteries:

EuroMillions – 1 : 13

Mega Millions – 1 : 14, 71

US Powerball – 1 : 24, 87

EuroJackpot – 1 : 26

How can you play the different online lotteries?

Playing online lottery is so simple, if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this but you still want to have the opportunity to become a millionaire with the lottery, then you have a few options. The quickest way to play the lottery online is by doing a Quick Play, this way the system will choose the numbers for you. It is a simple way to start trying your luck.

Now, if you already have your winning combination, you can use the Smart Play options and play several draws with those same numbers, until one of the lotteries draws the winning numbers you chose and you hit the jackpot or the secondary prices which are just as good.

We hope these bits of wisdom can help you make the best choice and get you closer to becoming a millionaire thanks to the lottery.

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