ABay Country couple could not contain their joy and started to dance around the house when they realised they have won the Powerball. The prize was worth $169,144 and will be paid by the end of the week.

The couple, who decided to remain anonymous to conserve their privacy, explained to the Detroit Free Press that they always purchase their Powerball a day before the draw to make sure they have picked the best numbers available. "It's good to be a winner of a big lotto. We have only won small raffles until today," the couple explained to the Detroit Free Press. The newspaper also reported that the couple's total winning was $276,000, but due to Michigan taxation rules, it ended up being close to $170,000.

Dreams do come true

"When my husband first told me we hit the five numbers, I couldn't believe it. I forgot to ask him if we hit the Powerball as well, I was too excited about winning." She told the Michigan Lottery and the Detroit Free Press. The level of joy the couple experienced could only be expressed through dance, which is what they did. According to the Michigan Lottery, the couple danced around the house once they confirmed they had become the latest Powerball winners.

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It is a dream come true for the surprised woman and her lucky husband. The couple has spent countless times thinking what would do had they won a large prize. "When my husband and I play, we dream about how we’d spend the jackpot. It’ll be fun to spend some prize money on things this time.” The wife told the Detroit Free Press.

The couple is planning to spend their earnings on home improvements and several hunting gears as well as paying off their small hunting property. The rest will be saved for a rainy day. “It’s wonderful to have a little money to feather your nest with," she said.

The Michigan Lottery happily gave the check to the couple and wished them the best in their future endeavours. In a conversation with the Detroit Free Press, the lottery explained that Powerball is a top-rated game that has helped thousands of people achieve a better life. Moreover, Powerball have contributed millions in the better of local communities, which is why there will always be a strong and healthy relationship between the lotteries and their communities.