Acouple who was involved in the robbery of more than $175,000 used part of the money to purchase a lottery ticket. 51 years old Joan Lechleitner and 54 years old Kerry Titus, Joan’s fiancee, partake in the robbery of the Agway store located in Cressona that the couple worked at from May 2011 until March 2016. Part of the amount that daily taken when on to the purchase of Cash 5 lottery tickets.

As per Pennsylvania law, Cash 5 disclosed the store that issued the winning ticket, and that is how the police found out. The total earnings made by the couple totalled $1,042,618. Titus was the one who bought the winning ticket, and the first thing the couple did with the winnings is purchasing a 2015 Chevy Silverado pickup truck. Moreover, the couple also planned to go on a honeymoon in Mexico as well as building a pool in the backyard of their house.

On most cases, stories of this kind do not have a happy ending. However, this is not the case. Court records published by several Pennsylvania newspapers mention that James Conville, attorney for the troubled couple, has asked the court to let the couple use the lottery earnings to pay back for his indiscretion. Furthermore, Conville explained the court that the couple was financially struggling during those years. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 5. The Cressona newspaper reports that court will allow the couple to use their earnings to pay back since the store owner has no interest to pursue further criminal charges.

Ronald Yordy, the Agway store owner,  told the Cressona newspaper that he was aware of the financial struggles the couple was suffering. It was why he employed them at the grocery store. Additionally, Yordy is content with the fact they are willing to pay back what they took now that their fortunes have reversed.

It is nice how, under the right circumstances, winning a lottery can change someone’s life for the better. Joan and Kerry were a low-income couple trying to survive however possible. Their bills and other expenses placed them in a terrible place. However, once their future turned around, the couple is willing to amend their errors and keep enjoying their good fortune.

It is unknown if the court will mandate the couple to serve some community service time. However, it is clear that they all the parties involved are excited about the opportunities that winning the lottery has offered. Joan expressed to the Cressona newspaper that she is looking forward to enjoying her first vacation in several decades. She also wants to create a system to help other struggling families to improve their lives and make the most of any opportunity given to them. Overall, these two winners have been blessed in more ways than one. Kerry said to the Cressona newspaper: “We are blessed for winning the lottery. It opened our eyes and gave us the possibility to make our lives and the lives of those around us better.”