These 2 big lotteries of the world gather almost all the European countries and for that reason they reach accumulated millionaires. Let’s see the biggest differences between the Euromillions and Eurojackpot.

The initial development of the Euromillions was so great that the countries not included in this initial idea decided to create the EuroJackpot to spread the emotion in their own countrie, that is why everyone wants to participate in these incredible drawings, but let’s see, Euromillions or Eurojackpot, which one is the best?

Euromillions vs. Eurojackpot: the best lotteries in Europe!

We will examine the similarities and differences between the largest lotteries in Europe. Euromillions was created in February 2004, while its counterpart was only launched in March 2012. Of course, there are 8 years of experience in favor of Euromillions. This period was enough to add another 8 countries to the member states (France, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Czech Republic). As we all know, this online lottery has become a success since its foundation.

The formation of Europe’s second international lottery resulted in the Eurojackpot, which included many more countries. Their audience is about 270 million people. The countries that make up Eurojackpot are: Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands, Estonia, Spain, Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic and Hungary and the last to join, which was Slovakia .

Now, following let us look at the number of accumulated and the size of the Euromillions prizes, vs. Eurojackpot: In each of these lotteries the prizes increase as people buy tickets to participate in the raffle. The initial prize is the same, but both have several levels of awards, because not only you can hit the jackpot numbers, but if you have fewer hits, you still win!

The Euromillions draws are held every Tuesday and Friday at 20.45 (CET) in Paris, France. The winner of the jackpot is the one who manages to hit the 5 main numbers drawn, along with the 2 star numbers that are drawn. Currently the Euromillions has a set of numbers from 1 to 50, while the star numbers are from 1 to 12.

On the other hand, the winning numbers of the Eurojackpot are chosen in Helsinki (Finland), on Friday night. Data processing takes place in Germany and Denmark. The grand prize of the Eurojackpot is also won if the 7 winning numbers of the draw (5 main and 2 euro numbers) are won. If you hit the 7, is the big winner of a base prize of 10 million Euros.

The chances of winning Euromillions are 1 in 838,160. In general it is not so difficult to take the Euromillions’ jackpot; there have already been thousands of winners. Similarly, with 6 hits, there have been several who have won the prize of the second category of awards.

This is the fifth year of existence for the Eurojackpot and it adhered to the format of the Euromillions awards. The minimum prize is 10 million Euros, while the maximum has reached several times 90 million Euros.

In conclusion, the prizes of the Euromillions are higher, but the odds of winning are lower. Although the Eurojackpot prize is lower, the chances of winning multiply. To play both, you simply have to go to the game board and pick your winning numbers. Each of them has its charm and if you don’t hit the jackpot imagine all you could do with the prizes of the second category that are between 500 thousand and 1 million Euros!