Afamily of immigrants from Laos and Vietnam residing in North Carolina has won $ 1.7 million in a lottery ticket played by 17 people as a family tradition.

The family spokeswoman has indicated that the day after meeting to eat and buy the ticket, they got up early to check the results. It was at that moment that they began to call each other to give themselves the great news. Some thought they were playing a joke, but now, after they've won their prize, they know it's something very real.

In addition, being such a large group, everyone has an idea about how they will invest their share of the prize. Some family members want to use their profits to travel and others, a little wiser, may prefer to take advantage of it to pay debts, buy a new van, invest them in college or visit relatives in Laos.

A Swedish proverb says "A shared joy transforms into double happiness; A shared penalty, in half penalty ". So if you want to share lottery jackpots with a group of players, what better idea than to do it with your family!.

You have the option to share a part of your ticket with the members of your family by putting the money together to pay for the physical or digital ticket. To do this you must select the lottery you want to play (make sure everyone agrees on it), the day of the draw (you can choose a date that is special for everyone, or a lucky number) and the bet (divided in parts The same, in the same way that the prize will be distributed when they win).


Then they will have to decide the numbers to choose, or if they prefer the quick play that will choose the numbers for you. A good option is that, if there are as many players as numbers, each one chooses the one that most likes and the extra balls or stars (depending on the lottery) are chosen by the remaining players. If they are a large family (as the winners of this report) can give the privilege of choosing the smallest or oldest in the house.

Now you know that when playing the lottery, sometimes it brings more luck sharing your bets with your family members, we wish you lots of luck!