First, there is a need to clarify something: There is no exact method to know how to win the lottery. What do exist are certain methods, tricks, and strategies that can greatly increase the probability of winning. Winning the lottery is less difficult than you think by applying such methods or tricks. Keep reading and you’ll see.

5 Tips to Increase the Odds of Winning the Lottery

  1. Buy Mass Ticket.

This trick might seem obvious, but it really is not. If you increase the purchase of tickets you will also increase the chances of winning the jackpot. You should consider the lottery as an investment in which your return will grow as more and more members come together to raise their funds, buy tickets, and spread the benefits.

  1. Bet in groups.

The more people participate in buying tickets, the chance of winning rises, (although you should also consider that the prize you win will be less as you must share it among all members). If you carry out this trick, it is very important that a rule is respected by all members of the group: If there are profits, these are distributed in equal amounts or in proportion to the capital invested. It does not matter who has bought the winning ticket.

  1. Always keep the same combination and choose your own numbers yourself.

The moment you are buying your lottery tickets do not let a machine pick the numbers for you. On the other hand, once you choose your combinations, be faithful to them. Do not vary combinations, since it is proven that if you do, you decrease the odds. Whenever you choose a new number, it is as if you start again. Intuition makes us believe that varying in each draw the combination of numbers, the chances increase and that is not true: if you change the combination of raffle in a draw, your chances decrease.

  1. Do not take into account combinations that have already been won.

When you choose your combination of numbers to play, find out if that combination has ever been a winner. If you do find that your combination has already won, then you’d better change it, because the odds of a particular sequence of numbers being drawn twice is very remote.

  1. Quitting is NOT an Option.

You are likely to feel like quitting, as this is not an exact formula and therefore the results may be slow to arrive. When you have that feeling and do not feel the desire to play, do not give up, go ahead! Some studies that were carried out confirmed that the average time that people had to play to win important prizes was 2 years. On the other hand, it is likely that in less than that time, if you follow these tricks, you win some lower prize.

Remember: The only way to have a 0% chance of winning the lottery is WHEN YOU DO NOT GAMBLE.