Every day, millions of lottery tickets are bought with the best hopes of winning, but only the people who play with a method to win are the ones who go home with the prizes. It's about time you found out the truth: even though popular belief says that winning the lottery is a matter of luck, it really is not. The reality is that there are some methods to win the lottery with scientific observation, discipline and patience as their fundamental pillars.

Do you want to win the lottery? Then you have to stop depending on luck and apply the best methods.

1 - Control your investment. You should always consider playing the lottery as an investment. Therefore, always has a very discrete initial return, until the good prizes begin to appear. For that reason, you should never invest beyond your means. It is proven that if you buy more tickets, your chances of winning will be greater, but it will not do you any good to lose all your capital by investing like crazy.

2 - Use the wheel system. The wheel system states that if you use a fixed number combined with others, there will be a greater chance of winning. For example: if you choose the number 31, you can combine it in three different draws like this: 20-31-11, 31-21-43, 45-68-31. The idea is to combine your number with others in different sequences.

3 - Combine numbers. Researchers have found that a good combination of numbers is the best way to win the lottery. There are three rules for creating a good combination of numbers:

A) Never choose numerical sequences of more than three figures: 01, 02, 03.
B) Alternate high and low numbers: 96-03-86
C) Alternate odd and even: 07-12-73


4 - Consider playing in group
. The more people buy tickets, the chance of winning increases. If you take this point forward, it is very important that all the members of the group respect a rule: no matter who has bought the winning ticket, the profits are distributed in equal amounts.

5 - Study the numbers. When you choose a number of numbers to play, check that they have not been awarded in previous draws. If so, it is better to change combinations, since the probability that a precise sequence of numbers is winning twice is very remote.

6 - Reinvest earnings. If you get a modest prize, use it as a source to buy more tickets. Remember: You should consider playing the lottery as an investment.

7 - Try to avoid the unlucky numbers. There are a number of specific numbers that were determined as the least likely to come out, because they have appeared sparingly in winning combinations of lottery history. Avoid them. They are 36, 42, 38, 30, 24, 14 and 10.

Hopefully these 7 tips will help you win the next time you decide to play the lottery online. We wish you the best success!