katy-Anne and John are a couple from the UK who were certain they would never have a baby. What they didn’t imagine was that winning the lottery would give them the opportunity to change their lives. Using their lottery price of £32,000 and a willing surrogate, they were able to welcome a beautiful baby boy named Grayson.

A story of luck and love

This is one of the times when the lottery prize comes to the ones who need it the most. Katy-Anne McGlade was unable to have children ever since she had a hysterectomy performed in 2010, as part of treatment for small-cell cervical cancer. “It has been a long few years and a difficult time since my diagnosis with cancer and my hysterectomy, but it is amazing that a little boy is here and is ours,” says Katy-Anne, 33.

The birth of Grayson was made possible thanks to her husband John who played the lottery, “I didn’t even know my husband played the lottery. Without that win, we could never have Grayson” the mother said. John, 33, a bank worker, won £32,000 in the lottery and then decided to use the money to try for a baby, but since you cannot pay surrogate mothers, what they did was pay for all the medical treatments and expenses needed for the surrogate mother.

The name of the surrogate mother is Sarah Holder, and she is 25 years of age, “I didn’t get paid for it. They had to compensate my time off from work because if I weren’t pregnant, I would still be at work. They also paid for all the tests and the pregnancy stuff” she declared to the media.

The McGlades feel thankful for this lottery prize which helped them fulfil the biggest wish in their lives, which was to form a family. They had consistently felt defeated due to how expensive these treatments, then came the lottery win. They met Sarah through Surrogacy UK, and that is how the journey that brought them their son Grayson, started.

This couple is not only thankful to Sarah for bringing their baby into this world, but they are incredibly joyful that they have won the lottery. Like many other lottery winners, they have seen all the great things that can be done after winning the lottery. Thanks to the lottery prizes, many people can make their wishes come true and become truly happy.