The lottery is a game of chance and even though some people think little can be done against luck and refuse to rely on it, the truth is that luck can smile at you if you play the lottery wisely. In this sense, it seems that there are some numbers that are more fortunate than others. A recent study of a gambling portal has found that numbers are more repeated in winning lottery tickets in different countries.

To carry out the study, these experts analyzed for a year 1,500 winning tickets from 15 different lottery games involving people from all over the world. Among the analyzed tickets are the drawings of Euromillions, Powerball and MegaMillions, which are played from Ireland to Australia through the United States or Brazil.

What are the lucky numbers?

According to the investigations, the number that has been repeated more times in the winning tickets is the 16, which appeared in 191 of the analyzed tickets. Then, the numbers are as follows:

Number 22 was drawn 179 times.

Number 28 was drawn 167 times.

Number 37 was drawn 167 times.

Number 6 was drawn 166 times.

Number 3 was drawn 164 times.

Thanks to this same study, the numbers which appeared fewer times in the winning tickets could also be obtained. Among them are the 18, the 46, the 40, the 41, the 32 and the 36. All of them appeared less than eight times among the 1,500 tickets analyzed, therefore this numbers would be the less indicated to play


World Luck Numbers 

On many occasions, we are inclined to choose numbers related to important dates for us, such as birthdays or anniversaries. These numbers have been of great luck for some people as we have seen before, however, knowing these types of statistics can help you choose lucky numbers that will change your life forever after you win the lottery.

We trust that thanks to them you can soon receive that call to inform you that you have won the lottery and have become millionaire. We hope this information can be useful in the draws to be held this week, so use each statistic wisely to play the winning combinations of the lottery and be ready to hit the jackpot!