it was a cold winter day in Milton Keynes when Robert Williams bought his lottery ticket. The draw for his ticket was going to be held February 15, which was occurring two days later. The rest of Mr William's day went uneventfully. He visited his kids in nearby Bletchley, bought groceries, paid bills, and went to the post. "I just bought the lotto and forgot all about it," Robert told the Milton Keynes Citizen, the largest circulation newspaper in the British town.

Little did he know that he was going to become a millionaire two days later. The EuroMillions draw occurred on February 15, as scheduled, and he was the only person to have won the second prize, which entitled him to a million pounds according to the National Lottery.

The announcement and the long silence

As per usual, the National Lottery posts all their results on their website. EuroMillions also make sure to announce the winners on their site after the numbers were drawn. That guarantees that anyone who misses the draw can, quickly, check them online and see if they have become a winner. However, Mr Robert Williams was completely clueless as to having purchased his ticket. "I remember looking at the numbers and thinking that I should have bought a ticket. All the numbers were the date of birth of my grandchildren. So I knew I missed a chance to win." Reported the Milton Keynes Citizen.

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Time passed, and no one claimed the £1million second prize. Mrs Laura McCarty, a representative of the National Lottery, told the Milton Keynes Citizen: "We were a little concerned because we knew the winner resided in Milton Keynes or nearby. We expected the winner to claim its prize fairly quickly, but no one came forward. We knew what would happen if the prize went unclaimed, but we were certain someone would come forward before that."

The pleasant surprise

February turned March, then April, May, June, July and finally August. The deadline for Mr Williams to claim his prize was August 14. It was August 9 when Robert Williams’ wife decided to check an old winter jacket that he has not used since February. "My wife was cleaning and found the EuroMillions ticket in the inner pocket. I looked at it, confused at first, but then I decided to check if it was still valid." The man explained to the Milton Keynes Citizen. As you could have guessed by now, the story had a happy ending.

The Milton's are the latest EuroMillions millionaires and will embark on marvellous adventures. But the moral of the story is always to check your lotto tickets. You may have had forgotten you have a winning ticket in your possession. So visit the National Lottery website and check the results there, so you do not lose a chance to win one million pounds or more.