It is a mystery that had captivated the state of Iowa, in the United States, during the last 9 months. Jeff Wolf has finally collected the 2 million dollars prize he got on July 16, 2016 from the Powerball lottery.

The 54-year-old man bought his ticket at a Cedar Rapids store, near a factory producing parts for cars where he usually buys parts for his tractor. It wasn’t but until a couple of days after, when the lucky Powerball winner called the Iowa lottery and heard that he had won the Second Level prize. He clearly could not believe it so he had to call again to hear his winning numbers again.

Why he didn’t collect his prize immediately?

Wolf kept the news of his Powerball earnings secret; he still did not want to tell his sister, so he put the ticket in a safe place while he thought about how he would spend his fortune. However he had another reason why he had to postpone the claim of his fortune: He and his sister had to spend some time organizing the property and wills of their parents who had recently passed away. When that process finally ended he told himself “I have to do it one day – I just need to organize it” and on April 27, he finally claimed his Powerball winnings.

His lottery ticket was valid until next July, so he knew he had to claim his prize before it expired. For the next 9 months after winning the prize the Powerball winner was watching on the news how people wondered who the mysterious winner was. He even stopped by the store where he bought his ticket last August, 2016, when a conference was held inviting the winner to claim his magnificent prize.

His plans for investment his fortune

His prize was the most recent great fortune delivered in the state of Iowa, apart from small prizes awarded by other local lotteries. The winning numbers drawn in that Powerball of July were: 11-17-40-50-62 and the Powerball was number 26. If he had hit the Powerball, he would have won the incredible jackpot of $ 335.5 million dollars. The winner says that he has already contemplated many possibilities and that obviously the best thing he can do is to invest his 2 million dollars in construction!

The Powerball prize has given many people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and create better lives. Do not miss out on the great opportunity to play the lottery and change your life forever!