Labelled as the luckiest man to have ever played Mega Millions, a Maryland winner has taken a total of $97 million after winning the jackpot twice. The interesting part is that he won them on Labour Day weekend. It is rare already to win the lottery more than once in such a short time span. It is even more extraordinary to win it on the same weekend as the last time you won. The only way to make the odds even smaller is by winning the lottery twice using the same numbers. And that is, exactly, what happened.

The 61-year-old winner, who asked to remain anonymous on both occasions, is the first winner to have won on the same weekend and using the same numbers in the two years span. The winner gave a small interview to TIMES where he explained that he has been playing the lottery for more than four decades. In that time span, the man learned the value of seeing what the most common numbers drawn are. Once you find them, it is just a matter of using them every time you play.

His strategy may sound like a crazy idea, but the reality is that it works. The recently retired lotto winner usually buys four lottery tickets from different lottery houses. He makes sure to have a Powerball or Mega Millions lottery in his weekly purchase. The remaining tickets change between Racetrack, a simulated horse racing game, and other smaller lotto draws.  Since the Maryland man perfected his strategy, he has seen his earnings increase substantially.

A Maryland Lottery Official talked to TIMES magazine and explained that the winner became a regular customer for the agency. “We have seen it here several times in the past five years. He has earned several small prizes, and now two major jackpots. It seems that he found the secret.” The representative further explained that while he cannot disclose how much the Maryland he can guarantee that all the winnings have been entirely legitimate and within regulations.

In an additional interview given to a local newspaper, the luckiest man in Maryland explained his reaction after winning Mega Millions and Racetrack during Labour Day weekend. “When I went in to collect some of my Racetrax winnings, I decided to check Mega Millions,” he said. “The cashier told me it was a winner and then, after scanning it showed how much I have won.”

It is a great story that showcases the importance of picking the right lotto numbers and using them often. The luckiest man to have ever played Mega Millions will keep using his strategy, and he will keep winning. So it is time you do the same, and become a lotto millionaire.