Violet Grahamslaw, 63, is a pensioner who lives in Berwick-upon-Tweed. The retired patient-care worker found a stash of lotto tickets on her husband jacket. “John Grahamslaw is an avid lotto buyer”, explained Mrs Grahamslaw to the Mirror, a UK news outlet. However, it seems that Mr Grahamslaw is not an avid lotto number checker. The man buys the tickets on his way home. “It is just an excuse to hang out with his mates and go for a pint,” Violet said. So, it would make sense that the tickets remain unchecked for the most part.

The tickets would have remained unchecked if it was not because  Violet was getting ready for the upcoming winter. The pensioner was taking out the winter jackets to wash them when she found the pile of tickets. “I told John to go check them.” The husband reluctantly agreed, and that was when their faith changed forever.

“I knew John was going to do it as soon as I reminded him. I was not expecting that surprise.” Violet said with a smile on her face, as reported by the Mirror. The new lotto winners won the Euromillions draw on August 18, 2017. And the first thing they are planning to do with their £1 million is buying a brand new sewing machine. “I love knitting. So I wanted a new sewing machine to do more things.” Mrs Grahamslaw told the newspaper.

It turns out since their retirement Violet Grahamslaw became an expert knitter and seamstress. Lucky Violet, as she is now known around town, said: “Since retiring three years ago I have been doing a lot of knitting and dress making, so I’ll be treating myself to a brand new sewing machine. As soon as John returned from the shop I knew something had happened with one of the tickets – he was shaking, chalk white and kept saying ‘call this number, call this number.'”

After calling the number and confirming they won the million pounds, Lucky Violet called his family. “The first person I called was my mum, who got a little confused and kept telling everyone I had won £1,000 and not £1 Million! I then called both my children, Paul, 33, and Tanya, 31, who couldn’t believe their ears but were completely over the moon for me. It still hasn’t properly sunk in yet, and I can’t believe that this has happened to me!”

The couple will spend part of their winning on a well-deserved family vacation and some minor kitchen renovations. Stories like Violet remarks the importance of checking your lotto tickets. Make sure to go to the Euromillions website and check your numbers. You could be the next lotto winner!