There is a new PowerBall winner in town, but no one knows who he, she or they may be. A recent draw of the Powerball turned a single person or syndicate $66.5 million richer. The winner has not claimed the prize a week after the announcement was made.  Now, the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) is getting ready to publish an appeal to the winning individual or group to come forward and claim the prize money.

MUSL reported that this is the first time a large jackpot has gone unclaimed for so long. Lewis Smith, a senior PR representative, explained to The Indianapolis Star: "This is uncharted territory. 66 million dollars is an incredible reward, so we are quite surprised no one has come forward and claimed it."

He also was quick to remind people that state sponsored lotteries are not as bad as some organisations make them. "Every time you buy a Powerball ticket you are helping the states raise money for health and infrastructure. This is not something we do just to generate money. Every player that buys a lotto ticket contributes to the well-being of all citizens. On average, Powerball gives over $80 million per week across all the states that are part of this great game."

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Regardless, the 60 plus million dollars seem that will go unclaimed for another week.  That means that mystery winner will remain in mystery until further notice. "We understand that not everyone can check the drawings when are made. But we always encourage players to go online and check the winning numbers just in case they won. There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing their faces once we hand them their checks for millions of dollars." Lewis said to the Indianapolis Star.

It will be interesting to see if they person shows up in the next seven days. Every Powerball winner has a total of 180 days to claim their prize. So, there is no rush. However, if you just are reading this and want to know if you just won $66 million, just go to Powerball and check the numbers. The chances of being the big winner across the 44 playing states are 1 in 56. So it is not as high as people tend to believe.

If you are about to visit the site, make sure to check when is the next draw and get your ticket. You might not be this mystery winner, but you might be the next one.