If you ever think that you may be getting too old to travel the world, then you have to hear the story of Pepe and his wife who decided to become globetrotters after hitting winning Euromillions a year ago. The European lottery agency awarded 1,685,479 euros to the pensioners in Torrox, Spain. He was the only first-rate prize winner for that draw. That means that his ticket is the only winning ticket of that category. They were four winning tickets for the second category during that raffle, but the man at Torrox was the only one fortunate enough to have hit the jackpot.

According to information from Lotteries and State Bets, his ticket, validated in the receiving office number 50,510 of Torrox, located at Avenida del Faro, number 3, was the go to place for the Spaniard. Pepe, who is now 75 years old, is an avid lottery player. "Playing the lottery is something I have done my entire life. That was the first time I won a big prize. I have won several smaller prizes, but never the jackpot." Pepe, whose real name is Pablo Gonzales, told Antena 3.

"All of our kids are grownups and they their own children. So my wife and I thought that it was the best time to explore the world. We have never left Spain, and that is why we decided to visit Paris first. We saw it on TV several times, so it was nice to see it in person." The pensioner told Antena 3 when asked about what was the first place they visited after his Euromillions win. Pepe and his wife, Manola have become quite the local celebrities in Torrox. The small communities never get tired of listening to the never ending adventures of the dynamic couple. Manola told Antena 3 that they collected a souvenir from each of the countries they visited on their world tour. "We have over 80 souvenirs and countless of memories. I never thought we would win Euromillions. So it grabbed me by surprised when Pepe told me we have won."



If you think the retired couple is done playing Euromillions you are wrong. "I still keep playing. I have heard of people winning twice, and that is what I am planning to do as well." Pepe told the Spanish media. When asked about what else have they bought with their newfound wealth, the man had a candid but honest response. "Joy."