Anyone in the Belleville area needs to start looking for their tickets because there is a $1 million Powerball winner who has not claimed their price yet. It is hard to tell if the recipient is located in the area. But one thing is for certain since last Saturday no one has come out to claim the prize. As explained by the Michigan State Lottery, the lack of winner means that the person may not know that they have won. It is not a rare case. What matters is for the person to claim their prize before the time expires.

The winning ticket came from Belleville Fuel Mart, located at 496 Main Street in Belleville. The owner of the store, as well as the store clerk, will receive a reward for selling the winning ticket. Powerball did not announce how much will be given. That said, the place has become a hotbed for lotto winners. The same store in Belleville sold another million dollars ticket two months ago. Additionally, the state of Michigan has seen an increase in lotto winners as well. On August 23, 2017, three different players in three different locations became millionaires after all hitting the $1 million prize. The tickets were sold at:

  • O’Connor’s Deli, located at 650 South Grand Street in Fowlerville
  • Melvindale Liquor Market, located at 17973 Allen Road in Melvindale
  • Old West Tobacco, located at 45029 West Pontiac Trail in Novi

With Saturday’s mystery winner, it would be the fourth time in a tad over one week that someone else became a Powerball millionaire. And the trend seems to do not slow down anytime soon. On a press release made by Powerball and the Michigan State Lottery, the lotto house explained that Powerball had given no signs of slowing down. Moreover, the jackpots are expected to increase shortly, as it is time for the exclusive raffles.

Regarding the other $1 million winners, two the prices have been claimed already. Nancy Simmons was the proud winner after buying her ticket at Old West Tobacco. She claimed her prize a couple of days after the raffle. John Kasich from the B-Squared Lottery Club in Melvindale was the sole owner of the Melvindale Liquor Market ticket. He claimed his million the same day as Mrs Simmons.

The Michigan Lottery is still looking for the other two Powerball winners. If you think you are a winner, please double check your numbers online and then call (517) 373-1237. That is the Michigan Lottery Public Relations Division. They will be more than happy to hand out your prize and offer guidance as to what to do now that you are a millionaire!