Lotteries come in all shapes and sizes. They range from the small community owned raffle, to the multinational giant that is EuroMillions. However, there is one lottery that dwarfs them all in payouts and players, Powerball. The game is simple, fun, and with high chances of making you a lottery winner.

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Two drums to rule them all

Each Wednesday and Saturday night at, precisely, 21:12 Eastern Time, the Powerball draw is held on national television. The draw is filmed at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and it involves two drums. One drum is composed of 69 white balls. Only five of those balls and draw, and they will represent the first five numbers on your ticket. The second drum is made of 29 red balls. Unlike the white balls, only one red ball is drawn. This ball is known as the "power ball," which is how the lottery got its name. If you want to win the jackpot, all you have to do is correctly guess all five numbers plus the powerball.

The rules are simple, and the payoffs even better

When playing Powerball you can select the five numbers plus the powerball. If you pay one extra dollar, you can increase your winnings by adding the PowerPlay option. The option allows any winning to increase between 2 and 5 times. If you win the jackpot, and is under $150 million, you could potentially get 10 times the size of the prize!

Prizes are awarded to people who hit from one number with and without the power ball to five numbers with and without the power ball. Moreover, the numbers do not need to be in the sequence they were drawn for you to win. All you need is to get any of the five numbers right to start winning! What about if you just guessed the powerball? No problem, even having only the powerball number guarantees you earnings.

Here are the payouts without guessing the power ball:

5 correct white balls: $1,000,000

4 correct white balls: $100

3 correct white balls: $7

2 correct white balls: $4

1 correct white ball: $4


These are the payouts with the power ball:

5 numbers plus the powerball: Jackpot

4 numbers plus the powerball: $10,000

3 numbers plus the powerball: $100

2 numbers plus the powerball: $7

1 number plus the powerball: $4

Just the Powerball: $4

Secrets or hits?

There is one simple trick that will guarantee you a win; to purchase 29 tickets each with a different power play number. Another option is to play the multi-draw option, which allows you to play the same number combination during 26 consecutive drawings. So do not wait, and start playing. The largest jackpot handed out was $1.6 billion. It is time you enjoy those riches as well.

Last but not least; HOW YOU CAN PLAY IT FOR FREE?

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