The city of Salamanca has a population of 220,000 people. Located in the community of Castile and Leon, it is the second biggest town in the region. Salamanca is known for its sights and culture. In 1988 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, recently it has been known for another reason, and that is lottery winners. On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Salamanca woke up without realising that it has, once again, harbour several lottery winners.

The first winner purchased his ticket in, well-known, lottery administration Los Manolos, located at 15 Paseo del Rollo. The winner was a first-time lottery player at that location, and could not believe how fortunate he became. However, he was not the only big winner on Salamanca that day. Lottery administration number 21, commonly known as La Toquilla handed out 100,000 euros in the drawing of the Bonoloto. The Bonoloto was known to favour Salamanca players as it delivered almost 160,000 euros in the previous two months.

The big winner in La Toquilla was a regular customer. The man went to check his lottery ticket with the hopes of having the winning ticket, as he usually does. To his fortune, the lottery official informed him that he hit all of the numbers, plus the complement number. That meant that the ticket was worth 100,011 euros after taxes. “This was a great result. I am delighted.” said the winner to Salamanca24, a local newspaper.

They were more winning numbers to come. Hours after the first two 1st prize winners, the lottery, Special Sweepstakes, awarded the 3rd place winning to another fortunate person in Salamanca. The winning numbers were 17-309, and the reported earnings will amount 50,120 euros after taxes. Furthermore, another successful lotto player was identified after the lottery administration informed that the shop located at 2 Calle Jamaica sold a winning ticket. This prize will total 98,216 euros after taxes, which will be similar to the amount given on February the 3rd of the current year.

To date, the different lottery agencies have paid nearly 5 million euros to the people of Salamanca. It is a stunning result that comes as a form of blessing for the city. Bonoloto reported that first winner of the year also came from Salamanca. The prize money amounted to 60,000 euros, and that was just the start of the run. On February another winner was reported. And that trend carried on for the months of March, April, and May. So far this year, there has been, at a minimum, one lottery winner in the city of Salamanca.

After three weeks of no winners, it seemed that it was time to spread the wealth around other communities. However, the Lotto returned to Salamanca with lots of prizes. The people could not be happier, as sales of tickets have increased after the news, as reported by the Delegation of State Lotteries and Gambling. Moreover, the delegation is astonished by how blessed this community seems to be. “It is incredible the number of winners found here.” Said the head of the Delegation of State Lotteries and Gambling to Salamanca24.