The Spanish La Primitiva Lottery Increases Jackpot Size

The winning numbers of La Primitiva on Saturday, July 8, 2017, were 03, 16, 21, 25, 26, 39. The extra number is 48 and the refund on 3. According to the agency, only one winning ticket was printed with such combination. The winning ticket gets 1.424.101,42 euros and is in Madrid. The agency also reported that the lucky number in the draw of the Joker is 5487914. The extra prize was won by a person residing in Madrid as well. The Joker prize is worth 1 million euros.

Three secondary winners were found. The second place winners are located in the communities of Rafelbuñol (Valencia), Villafranca de los Barros (Badajoz) and Albacete. The total money awarded to this winners is 71,205,07 euros per winner after taxes. If you happen to be in Spain or have access to the Spanish Lottery right now is a good time to participate in La Primitiva. That is because the lottery agency is predicting that the next pot will reach a size of 2.7 million euros.

If you are interested, from Sunday to Thursday, you can buy your ticket for the La Primitiva draw on Thursday or for the two draws of the week (Thursday and Saturday) by choosing “Weekly” bet. Do not forget that from Friday to Saturday you can only buy your ticket for La Primitiva drawing on Saturday. Lottery drawings are held on Thursdays and Saturdays at 21:40 in the Lottery and Betting Lottery Hall located on Capitán Haya street number 53. And for just one euro, you will have the option to get 1 million euros added to the attached drawing of The Joker.

The way to play La Primitiva is to select six different numbers between 1 and 49. So try to guess the winning combination in the corresponding draw, consisting of 6 balls out of 49 drawn from the bass drum (commonly known as 6/49 ). An extra ball is also taken as an additional number, which serves as the Joker.  Lastly, another ball of a different drum, between 0 and 9,  is drawn. This last digit acts as a reinstatement. To win the biggest prize (BOTE), you have to hit the six numbers plus the refund. So it would be a good time to visit your local lottery agency and see if you can purchase a lotto ticket from La Primitiva.

La Primitiva is one of the biggest lotteries in Spain. It is known for its large prices. Even though it is not the size of Euromillions, it is an excellent option when considering playing the lotto.