Chinese numerology has focused on relating many natural phenomena to human behaviour with it, while at the same time relating its effect on the cosmos, climate changes and the natural environment. In this belief, understanding through mathematics is sought. Numbers do not lie. They are just vessels that can help us understand the inner workings of deeply complex systems. This comes handy in something like the lottery. The number of variables combinations that it exists is far too complex to be understood. The chances of a person winning are so remote that it makes us believe that it is pure luck. However, there countless reports of people winning the lottery multiple times. Some of them use this mathematical Chinese square called, Lo Shu.

This square has been called the magic square. According to Chinese history, around the year 2200 b.c.e. Emperor Yu of the Hsia Dynasty was inaugurating a project to control the flooding of the Yellow River, also known as the River Lo, as its overflows were a scourge for agriculture and the Chinese people. But on the day the Emperor stood next to the river, the Yellow River brought fortune and knowledge to his people. Then, suddenly, a giant sea turtle with a dragon’s head emerged from the waters.  As the turtle gazed carefully, they discovered that its shell had a pattern of coloured dots forming a square. These points formed nine numbers, each of which was inscribed in a small square, which in turn was integrated into the complete square on the shell, in a layout of three by three. The most surprising thing was that the numbers totalled fifteen by reading them in any sense, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The numbers and their arrangement on the turtle’s shell were studied by the sages of that time and moved to a square that was Named the square Lo Shu or magic square that became the basis of Chinese numerology, astrology, I Ching and feng-shui

4 2 3
5 7 1
6 2 4
7 5 3

The first square is the one that represents the original square, the second square complies with the same rule as the first one, its sums in any direction add up to 15. From these numbers select your favourites And combine to play the lottery of your choice. The original magic squares also represent numbers that are constantly repeated in lotteries. This means that your chances will greatly increase by using this method. And you do not have to just use the numbers displayed here. Any addition, multiplication or subtraction of this exact numbers will increase your chances of winning the lottery. If you seem incredulous, give it a try. Check the next lotto numbers and see if they are one of these numbers individually or a combination of them. You will find out that 90% of the cases, the results are related to these set of numbers.

So it is time to use the wisdom that was imparted to Emperor Yu and his people to increase your chances to win the lotto. Great luck and fortune to your future chances with the lotto.