Patricia Busking has casually earned the title of the highest lottery prize winner in Illinois and the 5th largest in the history of the MegaMillions lottery. Mrs Busking successfully turned her $5 investment into a life-changing outcome that will solve all her economic needs for the rest of her life, and perhaps even her family’s. It is a feat that proves that even the most casual and random person on Earth could become a jackpot winner. Patricia Busking explained that she seldom plays the lottery and only does so when the stakes are high. And it yet, it seems that the strategy paid off.

Just less than a week ago, in august 25th, 2017, Patricia Busking, was just minding “her own business” when she realised the large prize held by the Mega Millions lottery. Despite not being and a regular lottery player, she decided it was the jackpot was too large to let go.

And thus she went inside Nick’s Barbecue, located at 12658 S. Harlem Ave., and spent $5 on a lottery ticket. Like most casual players, she did not expect much, and went on with her life as she usually does, unknowingly that she was mere days away from becoming the highest lottery winner in the history of Illinois.

The day of the announcement she just sat with her ticket on her hand and waited to hear the winning numbers, “who knows? Maybe I could get 2 or 3 right out of the six total,” Patricia explained to her local newspaper. And thus she listened to the numbers as they were being announced. 23, 33, 53, 56, and with the last 58. Mrs Busking had all the regular numbers correct. Patricia reported that she sat there, stunned, as they counted and witnessed how her $5 turn into millions. And when things couldn’t be more surreal the Mega Ball number came out. It was 06, the same number she chose. Just like that, Patricia Busking was worth $393,000,000.

The retired healthcare worker said the whole experience “Has been surreal” and that she’s very grateful for being “In the right place at the right time”. She has also expressed her intentions of sharing her earnings with her family and giving away the rest. She was especially excited at this last option as she said that there had been a lot of charities that have had an impact and that had touched her life in a meaningful way. Furthermore, she is happy that, with her new-earned money, she can help those same charities so they can keep touching other people’s lives.

So, there it is. The fantastic story of a regular person on a regular day winning millions of dollars. But her story was not the only remarkable one. Just a week before, Mavis Wanczyk earned the world-record-breaking sum of $758.7 million at the Powerball grand prize, thus becoming the highest paid lottery winner in the world. Also, Nick’s Barbecue, the handler of the winning lottery ticket, received $500,000 as the prize for selling the winning ticket. So do not forget to play the lotto. You might be next big winner.