luck does not know time or age, especially if you win the lottery. This is what Ervin Smolinski, a veteran of World War II, found out a couple of months ago when he won the lottery on his 94 birthday. He won $ 300,000 in the Michigan lottery. He was not the only one, as a week before two other war veterans also won the lottery.

Have you ever given a lottery ticket to someone for their birthday?

Ervin Smolinski started to buy his family members lottery tickets as a birthday present until it became a tradition, so they also began to return the favor. “Every month I buy instant lottery tickets and send them as gifts to family members who turn old, it has become something of a tradition and now everyone sends me tickets and chocolate on my birthday,” said the nonagenarian in his official statement.

On March 21, Ervin turned 94 and on that same day the lottery draw for which he had a ticket was held. His daughter-in-law was the person who gave him ticket that awarded him his $300,000 birthday present.

With his prize in hand, Ervin claims to not have any extravagant plans, he will buy a shed and a new car, and the rest will go to investments. He added to his statement: “I am very simple. I always buy rebates and take care of my money. That will not change”; in turn, he acknowledged that “the only thing that is going to change is that I will not worry so much about the money”.

Two other veterans won the lottery in less than 5 days

On March 16, Stanley Wilson, a 66-year veteran of the US Navy, won the lottery and opted to receive his prize of $ 390,000, to enjoy and share with his family, in fractions. He will receive a check for $ 25,000 a year for life and assured that at the time of checking results “I could not believe it. I checked that I got five numbers, but I thought I would have made about $ 5,000.”

Just a day later, another Vietnam War veteran, Richard Leber won a million dollars in the Oregon lottery. He says his ticket cost him $ 10 and that with the money he will first travel to California, to Riverside National Cemetery, to visit the tombs of his companions. He also recognizes that he will use part of his money to buy a motorcycle.

Without a doubt, luck does not pay attention to age, so it is never too late to start playing the lottery. No matter how old you think you are, there is still time to hit the winning numbers and go home with a big jackpot!